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Delic music platform launch 'Delic Sessions'

Cloud-based digital project organiser, automated rights management and artist profile hub Delic have detailed the launch of their ‘Delic Sessions.’

The sessions will be a series of fortnightly webinars hosted by the platform and include a panel of experts, with discussions focusing on the inner workings of the music business, uncovering problems within the existing model, and looking at ways these can be rebuilt towards a fairer future.

The sessions officially launched on the 14th July, with Delic CEO John Maxwell Hobbs and Chief Strategic Officer Ed Stack in discussion with BBC radio and TV presenter Vic Galloway, talking about the role of the label in the modern industry, and how musicians can empower themselves with the right knowledge to better equip themselves in this area.

Livestreamed via Facebook and YouTube, the second session is set to take place on the 28th July, titled ‘Where Is The Money Going,’ focusing on how artists can claim what’s rightfully theirs in unpaid royalties.

You can register for Session 2 here.

Details of further sessions are below, along with registration links.
Delic Sessions 003: Welcome to the Age of the Artist (11th August -13.00-14.00) -
After the age of vinyl, CD, download and streaming, it’s the artist, not the format, that will be at the centre of the next era in music. Power is shifting as technology accelerates. Traditional label deals no longer serve the needs of an independent generation more informed and empowered than ever. Our third Delic Sessions asks what all this means for the future of music.

Delic Session 004: Is This A Man’s World (Women in Music) (25th August - 17.00-18.00) -
Female artists make up less than 20% of all signed acts, while only 14% of UK songwriters are women. For our fourth Delic Session, former BASCA CEO Vick Bain asks why music’s gender gap has remained unchecked for so long, and what can be done to fix it.

Delic Session 005: Is AI taking over (8th September -17.00-18.00) -
'As the algorithm takes over, real music community is more important than ever." NTS Radio. Our fifth and final Delic Session explores the way AI has rapidly changed our relationship to music, and how we can make the tech work towards a better future.

Built by artists, Delic brings together the essential elements of a modern music business and is designed to make things easier, fairer and more rewarding for creators of music.

Upon launch, John Maxwell Hobbs, CEO of Delic, says: “Musicians are increasingly taking control of their careers. Although there are wonderful tools available for making music, and innovative new ways to find new music, there’s very little out there to help creators effectively and efficiently connect the two worlds. Delic will bridge the gap by providing a platform that will allow musicians to simply get on with the act of being creative with the confidence that their rights are being protected, and that they will be compensated fairly for their work.”
Delic is rewarding its early members through a growth share programme, giving members a piece of the company. They are doing this to gain feedback and are doing so by partnering with, the UK’s first and only regulated digital share scheme platform for SMEs. To become part of the founder membership scheme, you can visit the below to sign up: here.

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