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Music management platform Delic announce launch

Today marks the official launch of Delic, a cloud-based digital project organiser, automated rights management and artist profile hub.
Built by artists, Delic brings together the essential elements of a modern music business and is designed to make things easier, fairer and more rewarding.

The platform will offer those that register with them the opportunity to collaborate with other users on the platform through a real-time shared workflow space, allowing files to be shared between creators in one space.

Further attributes to the platform will added throughout the year and into 2021, including auto-categorisation of assets by metadata and for them to be registered on a blockchain ledger, core asset and rights management tools, from bulk uploads to sales, sync licensing, contracts and payments, catalogue onboarding and management, release management including digital distribution and publishing services.

John Maxwell Hobbs, chief executive, Delic, says: ‘Musicians are increasingly taking control of their careers. Although there are wonderful tools available for making music, and innovative new ways to find new music, there’s very little out there to help creators effectively and efficiently connect the two worlds. Delic will bridge the gap by providing a platform that will allow musicians to simply get on with the act of being creative with the confidence that their rights are being protected, and that they will be compensated fairly for their work.

‘As musicians and producers ourselves, we are intimately acquainted with the trials and tribulations associated with getting ideas out of your head and into someone’s ears. We believe that this experience gives us unique insight into the challenges that today’s creators face. We’ve spent a lot of time talking to musicians about what they need most from a platform like ours, and have built that into the heart and soul of Delic.’

Other music industry professionals involved include Vick Bain, former chief executive of BASCA, on the advisory board and Ed Stack (chief creative officer) who founded download portal Ten Tracks and was music director of Hidden Door festival in Scotland.

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