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New cloud-based music platform calls for Edinburgh musicians to sign up

Having launched their first Delic Session last month, the cloud-based platform has now announced details of upcoming sessions.

A series of fortnightly webinars, each session finds a panel of experts focusing on the inner workings of the music business, uncovering systematic problems and asking how it can rebuild towards a fairer future.

The next session, Is This A Man’s World (Women in Music), takes place on 25 August between 5pm and 6pm, and finds Vick Bain asking why music’s gender gap has remained unchecked for so long, and what can be done to fix it. Female artists currently make up less than 20% of all signed acts, while only 14% of UK songwriters are women.

Join in with the session at

John Maxwell Hobbs, CEO of Delic, says: “Musicians are increasingly taking control of their careers. Although there are wonderful tools available for making music, and innovative new ways to find new music, there’s very little out there to help creators effectively and efficiently connect the two worlds.

“Delic will bridge the gap by providing a platform that will allow musicians to simply get on with the act of being creative with the confidence that their rights are being protected, and that they will be compensated fairly for their work.”

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