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for Sound

Delic is the operating system to build your music future. Take control of your songs, your rights, your network and grow your career, your way.

"Delic is the platform we’ve
all been waiting for.”


Real-time shared workflow space
Create shared project tasks and conversations
Live session tools for optimising workflow*
* This is part of the Delic vision - some features listed here may not yet be released
Share ideas and inspiration
Create next steps
Manage project tasks and conversations.

Your New

Built by artists, Delic brings together the essential elements of a modern music business.

Delic will provide a cloud-based digital project organiser, automated rights management and a slick Artist profile hub to manage your songs, share your music and build your business.

These are just a few of the highlights of our fully integrated platform.


1 - Music is not made by elves (it’s humans and hard work) - workflow is a nightmare.

2 - Current systems force musicians into the position of not making money from their work.

It is estimated that the music industry has an unclaimed royalties ‘black box’ problem of $2.5 billion.


Three reasons Delic exists to help you in your music career.

3 - "You can make all your money from touring and merch" is a lie promulgated by people who want to keep all the money to themselves.

Your Space for Sound

Have an idea.

Delic is here to catch your ideas so they don’t get lost or fragmented across different sources. Polished wav or rough mobile recording - just drop it into Delic and it is registered as your creative contribution. Keep it a private project or add collaborators to develop the idea.

Make the track

Delic's versioning system ensures that you have a single set of up-to-date resources in the cloud, even if everyone uses different creative tools on their computers. You can upload masters, stems and entire project files from your preferred DAW (Ableton/Logic/Cubase/Any).

You can also upload inspiration, ideas and other resources to store in one place online for access wherever you're making it happen on the ground.

Find a beat

Come across a beat you love in a work on someone else’s public profile? If they've made the drum stems available, use them in your project, knowing your rights and the beat-maker's rights are protected already, so you both get your dues.

Test the vocals

If you upload the stems along with your master, you can solo them when playing a project back. If you have different lyrics in mind, or want a better recording of the vocals, you can get these into Delic on the fly, and move them into place later or there and then.

Build the album

Re-order the tracks and videos that are part of a release of more than one work, and set which aspects of your versions will be available publicly and which not. In 2020 projects are so diverse: artwork, video and live-streaming are a large part of an audience’s experience of your creativity. Anything with an audio perspective is at home on Delic.

Sort the remix

Invite a remix artist into your project to collect the parts they need and coordinate activities with other collaborators. Make stems available on your public project page if you want others to be able to use them for remixes etc.

Upload the solo

There are a few ways to overlay new parts into current versions of your project, whether as a test of new ideas or a finalised new version. Either way, Delic has thought around familiar restrictions so you’re getting maximum creative satisfaction from minimum admin effort.

Share the demo

Share work-in-progress without needing to send large files over email or double-handle via a generic storage system. Instead invite people into the project to see what you’ve been up to, where they can solo or mute parts and make comments in playback at master or stem-level. Over-sharing is hard on Delic: share to specific contacts outside the creative team, with stream-only access.

Assign the rights

All watched over by humans of loving grace: Delic guesses who made each creative contribution, but you have the final say. Instead of having to manually match every contribution to its creator, you can skip the obvious and concentrate on the crediting work that Delic may not pick up, like those three backing singers who were sharing the same mic.

Using the hive mind of your human collaborators, everyone involved is credited correctly quick, minus the anxst that comes with technology overstepping the mark.

Get the feedback

Context-specific discussion in Delic lets you communicate remotely in real-time and keeps absent collaborators in the loop, with no-one losing the thread. Feedback is tailored to different areas of the creative process, to minimise overwhelm and keep you focussed.

Streamline the release

Working in Delic eliminates several steps from the artist’s workflow allowing maximum attention to the thing that matters - what you want to express. Kiss goodbye to file-transfer ping-pong and losing track of the versions.

Own your work

Media you upload to Delic is by default treated as yours. You can easily re-assign files to the right people if you are bulk uploading stems on behalf of a band, or if you were given files before they went onto Delic etc. On that - there is no need to send files when you are in Delic. Instead just add collaborators to a project and they can access, upload, download and request ownership of files that are shared there.

Sort The Paperwork

Delic organically handles the intellectual property in projects so that producers, musicians and labels don't have to. And when they do have to, we make this I.P. profile easy to adjust and create settings for going forward.

Cut The Middleman

Delic's tools help you maintain independence and maximise what you can do with your creative collaborators. You can give agents and others from the wider team or community a window into your project without compromising the creative process.

Take your cut

On Delic, the money will get the same attention we're already giving to your intellectual property rights and accurate attribution of creative work. The future holds decentralised value for music creators on Delic: content swaps and budget sharing for collaborators, correctly split royalty collection, fast payments to session contributors and funding from fans.

For now we have a simple 'Donate' button on your public page, where fans can donate direct to you via your preferred payment link, or make a donation through your page to a cause you believe in. Try Delic (button above) to check where we are with the app, and leave us some feedback if you like.

Create the hype

The main way of creating hype on Delic, like online in general right now, is live-streaming.

We have rolled out a basic live-streaming feature quickly because of the Covid-19 lockdown in UK and much of Europe, because live-streaming has potential for attracting donations from audiences to help artists who have lost out on income due to cancelled gigs.

It's the least developed of our features, and your feedback would be welcome as we continue to develop this. Try the first version of Delic (button top right) if you want to take a look.


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Delic are delighted to announce the appointment of Vick Bain and Björn Lindborg as Non Exec Directors, with effect from April 2019

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Our Team is made up of passionate minds from across the music space.

Ed Stack

Creative Director

View Profile

Creative producer, data visualisation designer and social entrepreneur, Ed founded DIY download portal Ten Tracks in 2007 and in 2010 was music director of what is now Scotland's largest DIY festival, Hidden Door. Ed has since founded profit-to-artists social enterprise Decagram and formed in 2013, one of Informatics Ventures' top 60 emerging technology companies in 2017


John Maxwell Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

View Profile

Technology innovator, musician and producer of concerts for Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Diamanda Galas and the New York Dolls, John led mobile internet development for the telecom giant Ericsson in the 1990s. In 2000s, John Launched Pacific Quay, Europe’s first all- digital, fully HD production facility for the BBC.


Roxanne Houshmand Howell

Partnerships and Communications Director

View Profile

Former Company Director at Katharine Hamnett, responsible for the global ethical and environmental brand across business development, product, image and communications. Sits on the global advisory board of Fashion Revolution and has an extensive C-level network within the music and wider creative industries.


Ted Koterwas

Chief Technical Officer

View Profile

Artist, musician and software developer designing and delivering web applications, mobile apps and digital installations for nearly two decades. Ted most recently led the development of numerous innovative applications at the University of Oxford, having previously directed New Media exhibit development at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. He co-founded critically acclaimed gig night Versus and performed as sonic annihilator The Foundling Wheel. His work has been featured in The New York Times Digital Edition.


Will Howell

Non-executive Director

View Profile

Entrepreneur, musician and former music promoter at Edinburgh’s largest live music venue, hosting acts such as, Zane Lowe, The Libertines and Elbow. Co-founded one of the UK’s largest student event and marketing companies, worked for AIM listed Hutchison China Meditech, and has since worked as a commercial advisor across the consumer, digital, clean and fintech sectors, supporting companies to scale globally.


Björn Lindborg

Advisory Board

View Profile

Currently the COO of Telegram Records in Stockholm, Björn served as the General Manager of Warner Music Sweden, Managing Director of Sony Music Sweden, Managing Director of BMG Sweden, and consults on digital transformation in the music industry, as well as being a founder of STHLM Music City, an accelerator and platform for music tech start-ups.


Vick Bain

Advisory Board

View Profile

Vick Bain has extensive experience as a CEO in the music industry; leading the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors (BASCA), the professional association for the UK's music creators and the home of the Ivor Novello Awards for six years. Vick was enrolled into the MusicWeek Women in Music Awards ‘Roll Of Honour 2017’ and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Music Industry Powerlist 2018.


Cliff Fluet

Advisory Board

View Profile

Cliff joined Lewis Silkin LLP as a Partner in April 2006 after over a decade as in-house counsel in the music and broadcast industry. Cliff is now part of the team spearheading our Media & Entertainment sector for the firm and he now acts for some of the world’s largest names in mobile, brands, recorded music, mobile, live music, radio, audio-visual production and online. He is also the founder and a director of "Eleven", a business advisory company working with disruptive business models in the world of Digital Media, Film and Sport.